windbalance - Investing in a Renewable Future

A Renewable Vision

Windbalance is a New Market Developer with an emphasis on Renewable Energy Development.   We collaborate with product and project developers to integrate the financial benefits of Renewable Energy into everyday consumer products and a variety of branded or unbranded portfolios. 

The vision is simple: to involve Renewable Energy, Carbon Reduction or Sustainability into everything we consume.

We help Brand managers to influence consumer behavior - this occurs when there is more Energy and Money to accomplish our objectives.



Energy that can be replenished at the same rate as it is used. Renewable Energy comes in many forms: Solar PV, Wind, Wave + Tidal, Geothermal, Bio Mass Storage.

why get involved?

Renewable Energy is the “new industrial revolution”. It can create jobs, new industries, improve air and water quality, energy security, access to energy, and community development.

Investment example

Create an annual merchandising plan involving suppliers. Measure and reward with incentivized tax equity investments that are balanced for everyone in your supply chain. Use this strategy to create more Renewable Energy equity and to sell more of the products that participate in annual programs. Reward the consumers of the participating products and brands with a portion of the sustainable achievement.


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